You can look just like your cat for $2700

They say that owners and their pets often look like each other, but you can do even better now if you love cats. Ultra realistic replica masks of these animals are now sale, at least in Japan.

Japanese companies Shindo Rinka and Workshop 91 produce these masks, and all of them are custom made and lifelike.


How does it work?

If you are a proud cat owner, then the only thing you need to is to take a picture of your cat and send it to these companies. The better snap, the better the results! They will start by sculpting the mold, and after that, they'll add the fur. Finally, they fine-tune the mask by adding smaller details and color it, so it looks like the head of a cat, only bigger.

Cats usually don't pay attention to humans (or do they), but when they see you wearing their giant head, be sure they will stop and stare, having no idea what is happening!


Is it worth it? You tell us, as the price for this custom feline head is 300 thousand yen, which is about $2,700!

Also, good luck navigating the site where you can order this, because it's in Japanese. Google Translate might help, but it's also unknown if they send the masks overseas. The high price is not unusual since hands of professional artists do every mask, but at least the result is excellent, and masks are durable, so you can wear them forever if that's your thing of course.

Shindo Rinka and Workshop 91 are pretty quiet about their business, so it's currently unknown if they have enough customers willing to shell out that much cash. If cat masks do prove successful, it's not hard to guess that dogs are next, which could be followed by parrots, chickens, horses, and many other animals.

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