Loudmouth Gun Girl Trashes New Jersey because car had trouble towing bike

Her name is Kaitlin Bennett. She's the gun girl from Kent State who's running around the Internet spouting off about guns and the second amendment. She was in New Jersey and saw someone towing a classic car. Behind the classic car was a bike that looks like it became slightly detached from the way it was hooked up. It ended up looking like the bike was being dragged. The weather looks bad, rainy, and their windows were probably up in the car. Not only that, but he had a car between him and the bike. There's a very good chance the driver of the car had no idea that the bike was in danger of falling off and causing an accident.

Instead of rolling down her window to wave at the driver and point to the back of their car, letting him know there's an issue, she recorded a video of it. Then she posted it on Twitter and trashed the entire state of New Jersey. Sure, New Jersey has a lousy governor, but this video has nothing to do with politics. It's just her being a complete asshole for no reason.


The comments she's received on Twitter and Facebook are calling her out and reminding her that letting them know would've been a better idea.

When you see something happening on the road, then you should always give the driver a wave, honk, or another way to let them know something is up.

Kaitlin Bennett would've gotten a LOT more retweets and support if she signaled to the driver that something was wrong.

This is about decency. The video has nothing to do with politics, guns, or anything else. It's just human decency and helping someone out when you see they're having an issue.

The governor of New Jersey surely does suck, but what's that have to do with this video? Nothing?

She should've helped them out instead of trashing a state for no reason.

There are plenty of shitholes in America, but there are also shitty people.

I think I know what kind of person Kaitlin really is now.

I support 2A. I think the governor of New Jersey sucks. There are two things Kaitlin and I have in common. The thing we don't have in common is that I wouldn't trash an entire state because someone needed help on the road. That's just low.

I'll crack jokes about fat girls eating cake replicas of themselves, like the big-boned behemoth who was on the cover of Cosmo, but come on Kaitlin, have some class.

She needs to get over her unverified non-blue-chekmark having ego.

I ain't that thirsty that I need to back up some loud-mouthed frizzy-haired blond who's a complete twit in real life.

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