Louis C.K. Confessed To Accusations, Says 'These Stories Are True'

Louis C.K. made a stunning announcement in response to the accusations brought upon him that suggest he committed lewd acts of masturbating in front of two girls. In an unprecedented move, the alleged perpetrator of sexual misconduct of a Hollywood heavyweight, Louis C.K. came out straight away and admitted that his accusers were being truthful and owned up to the acts in their entirety.

Louis C.K. has been accused by five women who claimed the famous stand-up comedian was sexually inappropriate with them. It's an ongoing trend in Hollywood that's crumbling the entertainment industry performers with accusations left and right. The celebrities can't seem to go a few days without being accused of something new.

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The New York Times broke the story in which comedians Diana Goodman and Julia Wolov said that C.K. exposed himself to them in 2002 at a Chicago hotel room of his.  Another named accuser, Abby Schachner, divulged a similar story stating that she heard C.K. masturbating while she was on the phone with him before. The only other named woman to accuse C.K. of sexual misconduct is Rebecca Corry and she asserted that C.K. asked for permission to masturbate in front of her.  The unnamed fifth woman said that a similar incident also happened to her.

C.K. was quick to issue a statement, much like the recent rash of other Hollywood honchos, except unlike the others, C.K. took full responsibility and apologized deeply for his actions and the resulting pain the victims have endured as a result of his actions.

In C.K's official statement he specifically mentioned he was addressing the accusations made in the New York Times article and that all of the stories were true.  He said that at the time he thought it was OK because he always asked for permission first, but in hindsight he realizes that being in a position of power such as he was, the propositions were not innocently asking a female for consent, but put them in a very nasty predicament.  He admitted that being in said position of power was an irresponsible use of his power.

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C.K. stated of his great remorse regarding his actions and has since tried to learn from them.  He said that the hardest part for him is having to live with the regret he has knowing he hurt people on many levels.

He thanked multiple studios and business partners for working with him and apologized to them as well saying he regrets causing them anguish and hardship as well. 

He ended his statement by saying he has spent his long and successful career being the one doing the talking and saying anything he wanted, but now, it is his turn to flip the script and step back, and listen for a change.

While C.K's actions were clearly disgusting and reprehensible, it is at least good to see him being honest, admitting what he did and expressing his regret.  That is not going to stop him from feeling terrible from what he did, nor will it stop the inevitable lawsuits that may follow, let alone the many gigs he has lost since the article.

At least one person from Hollywood is admitting their wrongs. However, so many of the accusations out there could also be completely false as most of them have zero evidence to back up their claims.

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