The Internet is laughing like crazy at what could be the most horrible Kickstarter I've ever seen.


People are trying to say "it's in style" but it's really not. In fact, I hope it comes with a loaded gun, a sharp blade, or a straight up suicide pill. Any guy who buys this to wear out of the house needs to have their head checked.

Imagine you try picking up your date wearing a male romper and some lady slippers. Chances are, you're not picking up a girl. You're probably picking up a guy so you can rub your peckers together when you try on other male rompers at the mall.

This is a liberal attack on being a man. These clowns want guys to dress like women. I don't. I want women to dress like women and men to dress like men. Our gender is not fluid like the goo that seeps from the backside of these guys in the male rompers when they run to the bathroom after a make-out session with their boyfriends.

The male romper must be looked at as a joke. There is no way we can take this serious. Then again, the millennial generation is the worst generation the planet has ever endured. It has too many people who struggle to figure out who they are. Just wake up and look in the mirror once in a while. Check your underwear for some balls. If you got'em, then you don't wear a romper. It's that simple.

it is an aesthetic that men -- and the people that love to look at them -- are clearly longing for. In two days, the Kickstarter has raised more than $136,000, which is 13 times the $10,000 goal they were shooting for.

On social media, you may have noticed an explosion of romper-related jokes and assumed the stream of alarming political news had driven people into some sort of dissociative fugue state. Maybe! But it was also people discovering that a) male rompers existed, and b) they are cool now.

Men are not looking at this seriously. This is being backed on Kickstarter so people can have something hilarious to wear at a party. Who is really taking this serious? Some liberal boys who are actually closet transgenders and feel this is the perfect outfit to seal the deal on their genderless body?

Give me a break.

Straight republican boys are buying these up as a joke. It's the next funniest thing besides wearing a giant penis costume. You'll easily see a group of intoxicated summer parties lush with dudes in rompers doing keg stands at a "romper party" - but it's all for fun and games.

It's nothing more than a hilarious joke and if anyone thinks it's serious, then their is seriously something wrong with them. It's probably a sad case of liberalism and gender identity crisis.

If it's purchased as a joke, then the male romper is OK. Anything less, then the person buying it should really seek mental help. There is something wrong with today's generation and it's more and more obvious with every gender crisis that people go through.

Check your pants guys. If you got a set of sweaty ones swinging, then this outfit isn't for you.

If the male romper is bought as a serious purchase, then maybe it should come with suicide pills.

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