Someone on Kickstarter created the worst male fashion trend in history and it's called the Male Romper. It's technically called Romp Him, because there's no HER involved. And there won't be any women involved if you're caught wearing this horrible adult onesie for grown men.

There's also lace shorts for men and those are the only thing that make the male romper look inviting. If I had to chose between wearing one of these and getting my nuts bit off by Kathy Griffin with no makeup on, then I'd go for the male romper. The lace shorts would make me feel like I'm wearing my wife's lingerie. If I'm going to wear lace, then I'd rather wear stuff made for women, because at that point, my penis has pushed itself inside my body and I am the next Caitlyn Jenner. What do I need a penis for if I'm wearing a male romper or lace shorts? I don't need it if I'm dressing like that. Or maybe I do and there's dudes bent over in front of me twerking. Or maybe the male romper looks great for job interviews and 4th of July dance parties on a beach. Maybe I'll pick up a few this summer. Does it come with a free pass to the gay night clubs, because I'm pretty sure it does. I'll take one Red Chambray and one cleverly named Splatter Print Cotton please!

I don't know what's going wrong in the world, but we're not falling for this hilariously terrible joke of a male fashion trend. I believe, as firmly as a hard-on, that this is all a hilarious prank to make men turn gay and we're not falling for it.

Think about it guys. You MUST BE GAY to be caught wearing a male romper or lace shorts. There's not rhyme or reason to it. Either you're a flaming homosexual or you're a college guy seeking attention in a prank, but that usually means the college guy is actually secretly gay, so there's that to think about.

If you thought the male romper was gay in a humorous way, then take a look at the lace shorts. These make gay guys look straighter than a grizzlies pecker. You must love grinding on dudes to wear these. Just imagine two guys bumping uglies at a club in their lace shorts while R Kelly songs play. Sounds fun right? This could be you! Just place an order for your lace shorts and go rub sausages together while listening to the latest summer jams. What's wrong with their socks? If this is fashionable, then I want no part of it. You can tell these guys all stand around a cookie and pull on each other's privates with jerking hand motions.

Want to know what's even worse about this? Check out the Kickstarter for the Romp Him. They have cleared over a quarter million in funding. This terrible trend will be seen this summer and you can't do anything about it but point and laugh. Let's hope this is mostly worn at costume parties and NAMBLA parades. Maybe the liberals who protested with a gay dance party in front of Ivanka Trump's house could wear these.

Is there anything wrong with being gay? Not at all. But there is something terribly and hilariously wrong with the male romper. In fact, it's probably an insult to gay people to associate them with this. No hard feelings to the gay community.They probably laugh at the male romper too. Keep doing your thing and stay gay, it's all good. We just like to crack jokes on the male romper and lace shorts because they are literally the worst fashion trend next to a Lady GaGa meat suit.

Not all gays wear rompers, but all who wear rompers are gay.

Seriously folks. Don't fall for this evil fashion prank. High waisted shorts were extremely hideous and ugly on women, but everyone fell for that terribly skank look. We can't let this happen to guys. Even gay guys would look horrible in a male romper or lace shorts. Have some dignity, guys.

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