This Mama Cow looks like she's from outer space

One cow is on its way to becoming a star, and it's all about her unique looks! Reddit user going by nickname UnicornsAndJerky posted a photo of his friend's cow which looks unique and has a very appropriate name - Celeste.

Celeste is a mom of baby daughter Nebula, but the youngster doesn't look as extraordinary. Celeste has black skin, but with hundreds of white spots, so she looks like a night sky filled with clusters of stars.


Comments are anonymously positive, though they are also mostly funny. One Reddit user even said that this must be what happens when a cow jumps over the moon! Of course, there are other puns involving Milky Way or one user asking is her milk of STELLAR quality.

Some things remain a mystery, as no one knows what kind of breed this space cow is? While it's not baffling that internet users don't know that answer, the problem is that the owner of this cute animal is also clueless.

He explained that he bought it at an auction and never asked a question about her. One Redditor has developed a theory that she may be a mix of British White and Speckle Park because that could at least, in theory, produce this pattern. Others think that she is a pure Holstein, but with a weird pattern.


Whatever the truth is, Celeste is a real beauty, but she is entirely unaware of her sudden popularity or unique looks. This cow lives far away from people, as the owner didn't express a desire to make an attraction out of her. That's for the better anyway, as she is happiest that way. We are still hoping for the updates about her though, like the rest of the internet who fell in love with Celeste.

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