Man acts like gorilla and masturbates. Did he get arrested for Harambe?

An Ohio man may have had a little too much to drink when he was arrested for disorderly conduct the other night. Him and a friend ran around outside with their clothes off and masturbated. They didn't do it to each other (that I know of), but they were impersonating a gorilla. This makes me wonder if it's for Harambe. The entire Internet is going mad over the Harambe memes and it's trending like crazy every where you look. One of the best sayings is "d*cks out for Harambe" and I do that at least once per day when my wife passes out. Don't tell her about the conspiracy theory or that other thing. dcks out for harambe

Daily Mail - Authorities in Warren, Ohio, detained a man last week, who allegedly masturbated on a sidewalk and behaved like a gorilla.

Timothy Cook, 32, has been charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated, the Smoking Gun reported.

Police responded to the Giant Eagle Plaza Friday regarding 'two white males running around the lot taking of their clothes, one of the males growling and punching the cement', a police report obtained by the website said.

Yo Tim! What were you guys thinking!! Even though it was probably hilarious to do that (and I hope you have a video of it for later laughs), you still should NOT have done that.

It's better if you convince someone else to do it, so they get in trouble.

Try to keep your clothes on buddy.

I don't want to see you in the news again.

This IS a hilarious way to get arrested, but maybe we don't do that ever again.

One and done!

Don't take your d*ck out in public anymore.

Here's a Harambe meme for good measure and to make everyone feel better.

harambe memes (9)

while supplies last
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