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Man's arm rots away from having 2 sugary drinks every day with lunch

We've all heard stories about the dangers of sugary fizzy drinks, but one man now serves as a prime example of why you should skip them or at least not make them your daily routine.



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Mohd Razin Mohamed (56) from Rawang, Malaysia drank at least two cans of sugary drinks every day for lunch, and now doctors diagnosed him with diabetes. Unfortunately for him, the consequences he suffered are extraordinary. Mohamed told the press that he knew that something was wrong as he fainted a few times in his office in Kuala Lumpur where he works. Every time it happened, he drank a lot of sodas that day.


In the best-case scenario, he drank at least two fizzy drinks every day, and after he was diagnosed with diabetes, soon he discovered a boil on his back that wouldn't heal. As time passed, his condition was worsening until the boil was the size of his hand. That is when he decided to check himself into a local hospital in the city of Selangor. By that time, his bone was already visible.


Doctors decided to operate him immediately, as they've discovered that part of his skin has rotten. They've cut it away and treated Mohamed to a large dose of antibiotics. Luckily for him, doctors confirmed that his arm would heal in time, but it will never be the same. Mohamed, who was a telecommunication engineer, won't be able to get back to his job, as he lost mobility of the limb. He also has problems with back pain, because now his skin is tighter on one side.


He claims that he is happy to be alive and that he'll dramatically cut his sugary drinks dosage. The man also says that he admits that it's all his fault and that there is no point regretting it.


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