Man arrested for hitting girlfriend with McDonald's Sweet and Sour sauce packets

There is a saying that goes on these days, that "if it's weird and includes weird people", it surely happened in Florida. Florida became a haven for all types of freaks these days, and took the crown in this field out of L.A. So here is the story, yet another one, from sunny state Florida.

Jesus Oscar Ferrer Jr., 30, is facing a felony charge after he attacked his long-time girlfriend because, in his opinion, she brought wrong food from McDonald's to the motel where they lived together. Unnamed victim, that happens to be also a mother of Jesus' child was attacked with sweet and sour sauces from McDonald's.

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Luckily, his girlfriend grabbed his long beard and ripped a chunk of it, and this is when Jesus finally let her go.

This wasn't the first case when Jesus attacked his girlfriend. In his criminal history, there is a record of biting her and some other acts of violence. The judge sentenced him to time served and also ordered him to pay around $750 in fines and court costs.

All of that happened in Zephyrhills, a city in Pasco County that has one of the highest crime rates in Florida, just like in the whole America. Statistics say that if you live there, you have 5% chance to become a victim of crime.

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Our opinion on this? Well, we think that Jesus was absolutely wrong when he got angry over "wrong food from McDonald's."

here is no good or "right" food from this fast-food chain, so his anger was completely pointless.

What's your opinion about this? Post what you think in our comments section!

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