40-year-old Jose Santiago was arrested and is accused of committing a sick act towards a female shopper. He allegedly recorded a female in an adjacent fitting room at a Forever 21 store in Altamonte Springs, FL. Initially the woman claims that she noticed a camera taking photos of her under the stall and confronted the man who initially claimed he was not taking photos of her. 

The woman contacted Forever 21 management and they followed the alleged perpetrator through the mall until mall security and police units could swoop in. In the police report, Jose Santiago is accused of using technology to make images of the victim in a changing room.

Altamonte Springs Police Department reported that Santiago had a phone positioned in such a way that he could take photos or video of the woman changing in the stall next to him.  It appears the device capturing images was an Apple Watch that looked to be transmitting the media to Santiago's iPhone.  Police have both devices in possession and although it looks as if the media had already been deleted, forensic experts say they should have no problem recovering the evidence.

It is reported that Santiago initially claimed he had not taken any images, then changed his story, admitting to police that he had probably captured 100 or so images.

It is also alleged that Santiago signaled to police that this was not his first time doing such things.  He reportedly told police that he had done this in a few other unisex fitting room stores and that he was deeply troubled and has a sickness.

Altamonte Springs Police Department is urging anyone who may have had similar run-ins with Santiago to come forth and contact police in the jurisdictions where the incidents may have occurred.

This latest incident is a testament to what would normally be logic, that men and women should have separate areas for private things like changing clothes and bathrooms.  Had the normal rules of gender been applied, ever-increasing incidents such as these would never happen.  While the Santiago incident has not been to court and is currently only an allegation, it's sufficient to say that perverts are taking full advantage of this new wave of liberalism and their gender-neutral and unisex changing rooms/bathroom policies.

Incidents such as these will only increase until something is done about the liberal pollution of common sense, at the very least insofar as it applies to keeping people safe.  What about people's feelings?  What about keeping people out of harms way?  That surely 'Trumps' hurting a liberal safe space, right?

Source: wftv,