Man arrested for what he did while teen girl was in women’s bathroom

A Knoxville native gets arrested for peeping at an underaged girl in the girls' bathroom. 

The incident happened last Friday, August 23. It took place at General Market down Emory Road. 

The suspect, named David Donton, aged 25, did admit to peeping at the girl and was found at the scene of the crime by the store manager.

The court records show the victim's recounts, whose name is under anonymous due to her age, as to what happened while she was at the bathroom stall. The victim is only 13. 

The victim states that as she was in the bathroom, she noticed shoes in a stall next to her. She identifies it as man's shoes. Later, she heard movements to which she looked up and saw a man looking down on her. He even gave her a smile as he looked over her.

The victim, in fear, ran out of the bathroom and talked to the store manager. The alarmed store manager went into the bathroom where he sees Donton in the stall. He demanded that he[Danton] come out of the stall for quite some time. Moments after, Donton did come out.

Donton was charged for Invasion of Privacy, specifically reasonable expectation of privacy – with the victim under 13. Donton admits to his crime and is still under arrest.