Man beats woman for 20 minutes, bystanders do nothing to help

A man beats woman for 20 minutes and bystanders did absolutely nothing. Well, technically not nothing. They were doing something- watching, laughing, or recording. They weren't stopping her from beating the woman for 20 minutes, but they were definitely doing something! The woman lasted longer than Conor McGregor when he was choked out by Nate Diaz.

The topless man rained blows on the defenseless woman on Ontario street in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.? You can tell this neighborhood doesn't have the nicest male figures, although I'm sure there's plenty of great people in that area, but this video just doesn't give that impression. I guess there's good people and a few rotten apples in every neighborhood.

It's just THIS video that shows a few bad apples all at once. It's like a video of all bad apples and one of them is being turned into apple sauce while the other apples hang out on the tree and giggle. They probably asked her if she wanted to be normal flavor have a sprinkle of cinnamon.

man beats woman 20 minutes philly

Man beats woman for 20 minutes OK with you?

Maybe the man beating the woman is a big time criminal who will shoot everyone if he's messed with. Maybe the lady getting beat up is a hooker and a drug addict who breaks into homes and sells her soul on Craigslist and no one likes her anyway. Maybe the residents are losers and wimps. I say a good combination of all three prevented any real men from intervening. Look at the losers in this video. They're all losers. Every one of them. There's not a single respectable human being in this video. What did the woman do to get herself in this predicament? What is that man thinking beating on a woman for that long?

What are those losers thinking when they watch a man beat a woman like this? There better be a good reason and I hope we find out why that man beat a woman for 20 minutes until the police arrived and arrested him.

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