Man caught on camera telling ‘Arabs & Democrats' to 'Go Back to Where You Came From’


An incident filmed in a Dallas shopping store, most likely a mall, shows a man telling women that "Arabs and Democrats" should "go back to where you came from." The man was trying to make a purchase, but two store employees or customers were talking to each other. The man complained about them talking in a different language. Then an argument happens between the man and several customers. The man was also confronted at the end of the video where someone called him a "snowflake" and the man lashed out with an obscenity and told the person recording the video to put him on YouTube.

The scene appeared to be very hostile and probably uncomfortable for everyone else waiting in line to make a purchase.

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Heavy reported:

As the clip opens, a man stands with his arms folded, looking defiant, as a woman is saying, “you’re being mean to her.” The man asks, “ are you a bunch of Democrats?” A small crowd has gathered at this point and people in the crowd can be heard scoffing and saying “yeah, a bunch of Democrats.”
Back to the original video. The woman behind the counter starts lecturing the man about the importance of respect. He breaks in and says, shaking his head, “all I asked was for her to speak English.” He adds, “And get these customers away!”
Moments earlier, the man — a customer — had apparently been verbally attacking a sales clerk dressed in a red sweater. His behavior was striking enough that another customer got into his face and threatened to call mall security. The man yells, “they were speaking Arabic! I don’t speak Arabic!” He grumbles that he only came in to buy a purse and that the women in the store started speaking to each other in Arabic. You can see the exchange, in which other customers get involved and reprimand the man for being “disrespectful,”

At this point, the sales clerk turns to the crowd and says,” ladies, he doesn’t have one dollar to buy a gift box. That’s why we’re complaining!”

Someone in the crowd asks, “Is that what the issue is?” 
“No, it isn’t,” the man replies. He starts waving his arms and says, “All you Arabs and Democrats. Why don’t you go back where you came from.” He gestures at the sales clerk and says, “well, she’s making a big stand, why don’t I?” He adds, “I cannot see how many Arabs came out of the woodwork here.”

A man in the crowd says softly, “Dude, you’re the snowflake here,” in an appararent reference to the word that conservatives often lob at liberals to tease them for their supposed sensititivies.

The first man responds, “f*** you.” Walking closer to the camera and moving in for a close up, he says, “now I’ll be on YouTube.” Then he finally starts to walk away, mumbling as he goes, “ snowflake, my a**. Stupid Democrat.”