Man claims middle school teacher sexually abused him, then had his children

A man from West Virginia claims that his middle school teacher had sexually abused him for several years, then gave birth to his children and threatened to take the kid if he ever left her. Now he's suing her in hopes to end the relationship, but keep contact with his kids.

His name is Christopher Birch, 28, and he's filing the suit against Elizabeth Harbert. She's a former Bridget Street Middle School science teacher and she also coached the track team.

NY Post reports that the "lawsuit filed Thursday says Harbert began grooming Birch when he was 13 by caring for him and allowing him to move in with her and her husband. It says Harbert later divorced her husband and became pregnant with Birch’s first child. The lawsuit says the school’s principal and other area leaders knew of his abuse and did nothing."

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This is beyond perversion since it brought more humans into the world. What happens when the kids grow up and learn the story about how mommy was daddy's teacher?

That's going to be an awkward moment at the dinner table.

Mommy, where did you and daddy meet? And she's like, "when he was in 6th grade.... I was his teacher!"

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*photograph used is a random person/stock photo and the school in the background. That is not the actual teacher. We could not locate a photo of her.

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