An unnamed man from Maine was angry about the service or the lack of service he got from his local municipal office. Instead of filing a complaint like normal people he slammed a cup full of living bed bugs on the counter. What made this guy build up so much anger that he would act in a way that only a bio-terrorist would? Or would this be considered eco-terrorism? Either way, it's NASTY!

Earlier in the day, the man went to the code enforcement office to file a bed bug complaint against his old apartment building. For obvious reasons, this is a health code violation that poses a major risk to the remaining tenants. He left the building to go show his new landlord of his discovery. The landlord of his new apartment told him that he would no longer be able to live there. When he returned to the city center he was informed that he did not qualify for any assistance. His weird act with bed bugs caused the facility to shut down for the rest of the day so an exterminator can clean up the mess.

The unnamed man went to the code enforcement office earlier that day to complain about bed bugs at his former apartment. He left to show a cup of the bugs to a manager at his new apartment and was told he could not live there.

He returned to Augusta City Center with the cup, but personnel told him that he did not qualify for assistance. That made him angry.

"He whipped out a cup (full of live bedbugs) and slammed it on the counter, and bam, off they flew, maybe 100 of them," City Manager William Bridgeo told the Kennebec Journal.

A few of the bugs landed on an employee on the opposite side of the counter.

Officials were forced to close the city office for the rest of the day so exterminators could come in and kill the bugs.


A frantic man tries stopping the spread of bed bugs with a clear liquid that is probably water.

The soaked bed bugs scramble to look for lunch or run for cover.

Disgusting little bed bug creatures. It is not known if the unnamed man is charged for anything, but you have to wonder if his landlord who would not eradicate the bugs should be charged with something.

Bed bugs can be found in every nook and cranny and on average can go months without a meal of blood. The have a similar appearance to cockroaches and are roughly the size of a number on a credit card. They will leave itchy red welts on your skin. The bug will use its stylet to penetrate your skin and suck your blood until they are full. They are not dangerous in the sense of diseases but you are able to get infections if you scratch them and untreated poses a problem.

What are some of the indications that you have an infestation of bed bugs? The more obvious clue is that you have marks and welts on your body. Look for their waste, due to their diet it is a light brown to black liquid. In some cases, exterminators will use dogs that are trained to find the scent of the bed bugs. If you smell a random coriander that you don't have then you are close enough to the colony to strike panic into those vermin or if you walk into someone's house and you smell rusty iron turn around and walk out immediately because they have bedbugs. The iron scent comes from the blood that the bugs eat.

These bugs are so hard to get rid of that you will have to call an exterminator that is at the top of his field. They will use insecticides, orange oil, and or Murphy's oil to kill them. You can put your bed and box spring in boxes to starve the bugs out but that would take months to do. In medieval times people would send a pig into an infested room so the bugs would be totally full before the tenants came into the room for their stay.

What this guy did was sick and uncalled for. I think he needs to be charged with something. Even though he was angry, he should not spread those bugs and make it worse. However, I bet they listen to him now!

Do you think him or the landlord should be charged with a crime?

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