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Man Stabs Dog because it took Girlfriends Side in Arguments

Mike Lado, 26, allegedly murdered a dog with a knife for a very shocking and stupid reason. He claims the dog took his girlfriend's side in an argument and eventually pushed a butcher knife into the pup. The dog later bled out and Lado was charged.

Another creepy weirdo crime coming out of Florida. This isn't as bad as when the teens mocked a man who was drowning, but this is right up there on all levels of messed up.

Four wheel drive sickness in full effect.

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A Florida man miffed that his girlfriend's dog would "always take her side in arguments" stabbed the Boxer Lab mix to death to even the score, officials said.

Mike Lado, 26, is facing an animal cruelty charge following the incident, which allegedly began over an argument spurred on by a lengthy drinking binge. During the argument, Blue, the dog, was sitting next to his owner, Lado’s girlfriend.

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After the argument, Blue slipped out of his collar and followed Lado into the kitchen, where cops say Lado stabbed the dog with a large butcher knife.

What a sick world we live in. How can anyone stab a dog like that? If the dog was attacking him and he protected himself, then that's acceptable. But to stab a dog because you think it takes your girlfriend's side during random arguments means you must be mentally dysfunctional.

He should not be allowed to plead insanity. He should be locked up for a while. If he's going to kill a dog, then what would he do next?

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What if that was the woman's child? Would the man stab a child like that? How can we be sure he would or would not?

He's going to need some rehabilitative therapy in prison. This has to be a mandatory jail sentence because this sure seems like it might be cold blooded murder.

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