Man Grabs Woman's Horse and Gets Whipped 17 Times

A video showing a British woman on horseback whipping a trespasser/protester has gone viral. The video shows the 56-year-old Jane Goring defending the handling of her horse by protestors and reported animal rights advocates by whipping one guy 17 times on the head in an attempt to be freed.

The protestors, called the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs, claim to have been at the Hunt Club's meeting to ensure that no illegal hunting took place and to ensure the safety of the animals, even the horses the hunt enthusiasts were riding.

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Watch the video:

Horseback hunting has been banned in England since 2004. The Saboteurs claim that their member who was whipped was unprovoked and that she later tried to trample the protestors.  It is not clear if the meeting took place on private property or not at this time.

From the video that has been circulating, an argument can be given both ways as to whether or not the recipient of the torrent of crop lashes was warranted or not.  It would appear that he was, indeed, trying to gain a level of control over Goring's horse, which is her property and 'vehicle'.  It would not be unreasonable to think that if a woman was in her car and someone was trying to gain control from the outside, that at the very least a few whips to the head would not be considered unreasonable, right?

Goring's husband, a 79-year-old wealthy landowner said that his wife was scared, her horse was scared, and she still is.  Mr Goring decried the Saboteurs as terrorists that surrounded his wife and her horse.

Mr. Goring went on to exclaim that the reality of the anti-hunting movement is much more about the actual hatred of people who enjoy hunting than it is their love of animals and their welfare.

Sussex police have launched an investigation after one of the Saboteurs, you know, the people who proactively went to a legal equestrian meeting and tried to commandeer the horses, reported that one of their members had been assaulted.  The police said they are aware of the videos being circulate on social media and will take them into account as part of their investigation.

What is that old saying?  You mess with the bull you get the horns?  How about you try to commandeer someone's vehicle and you get your face whipped by a leather crop until you stop being an aggressor?

Picture credit: Brighton Hunt Saboteurs

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