Man Kills Childhood Friend Then Falls Asleep Next to the Body

Craig Grzesiakowski,35 killed his friend with a screwdriver and slept beside the body with a bottle of bleach.

Jeffrey Ziolo, 35 was a Chicago based musician who threw a party and invited his friends. Among other friends there was Craig whom Jeffrey knew since third grade.

Other guests at the party didn't kn0w him and never saw Craig before. Before Craig arrived, Jeffrey warned other friends about Craig being a 'Hot head' and how he carried a knife. 

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Two guests went to sleep in their room around 3:00 am. They saw Craig and Jeffrey arguing. One of them woke up at 10:30 am the next morning to find Jefferey's body covered in blood and Craig sleeping beside with a bottle of bleach.

Craig and Jefferey were immediately sent to hospital. Jeffrey was declared dead and Craig received treatment for deep cuts in his thighs.

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A Chicago man killed his childhood friend after they argued and then fell asleep next to the victim, Cook County prosecutors said Saturday.

Craig Grzesiakowski, 35, has been charged with first-degree murder in the Thursday killing of 35-year-old Jeffrey Ziolo, who was found dead by another houseguest, The Chicago Tribune reported.

In the morning, another friend found Grzesiakowski passed out with a bottle of bleach next to him and lying next to Ziolo's body, prosecutors said.

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Grzesiakowski was then taken to a hospital. He reportedly told officials that he pushed Ziolo over a table and then stabbed him after they argued, the newspaper reported.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office determined Ziolo had died from blunt-force trauma and had three stab wounds.

The cops investigated Craig and came to know that he turned out to be a murderous hot head as Jeffrey warned his friends last night.

Jeffrey and Craig had an argument and Craig pushed Jeffrey over the table. Craig stabbed him with a screw driver. He did not survive the stab wounds and blunt force trauma and passed away.

Craig was reportedly highly intoxicated that night. He tried to clean the blood with bleach but could not do it. He was so possibly drunk that he passed out just next to his friend's dead body. Maybe the smell of bleach had something to do with passing out.

Craig stole Jefferey's money and cell phone while trying to clean the blood with bleach. He wanted to run away after cleaning blood stains but passed out while doing so.

He was injured with some deep cuts in his thighs in the effort of cleaning evidences. When he passed out, he slept there with Jefferey's dead body the whole night until one of the guests walked in around 10.30 am. 

Craig told the cops that he knew Jeffrey since third grade. It sounds strange because none of his other friends at the party had ever seen Craig before. He is charged with first degree murder. He confessed to the cops on videotape and is being held with a $2 million bail. He sounds like a psychopath with some anger management issues.

What kind of person kills a friend over an argument? They surely were not good friends instead just people who knew each other for a long time. One being a talented musician and other just a freak who killed someone.

Jefferey was a Chicago based musician. He was part of a Chicago based band Final Dissent where he worked as a sound engineer and a bass player. Just a talented middle aged man who loved music.

He was a well known generous personality of Des Plaines. A kind person who bonded with every one; a friend to all. This explains why he invited even a person like Craig to his party. It's heartbreaking that his life ended with a stab in the back.

Jefferey will be missed by his family, friends and everyone who have ever met him. A guy like him should never be forgotten. 

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