Man proposes by tattooing 'Will You Marry Meow' on his...

Dustin Marshall had a pretty unique idea when it came to asking his girlfriend Lindsey to marry him. Instead of the traditional flowers, candles and getting down on one knee, this funny guy went for a tattoo on his bum, flashing it at her after a game of pool.

Lindsey, 30, was in total shock, but she explained: "He orchestrated it so he would get "seven-balled", where the black is sunk when one player still has all seven of their balls on the table.


'Our rule is you have to pull your pants down if that happens, so he just pulled down his trousers, 'I looked over and said: "What's that on your bum?" Dustin walked over to her and she saw that the tattoo in question said " Will you marry meow?" with a picture of our cat.

Before the proposal on 23 December, the couple talked about getting engaged, but the lucky lady couldn't dream it was going to be this way.


Lindsey was suspicious that something was going on as Dustin had insisted on sleeping in the spare room for a few nights before, telling her that his back was sore, but she had no idea he was trying to hide the tattoo until the redness went down.

When the fateful night occurred, Lindsey went for a meal with friends and then headed to a friends house for a quiet evening with the buddies. That friend had a bar and a pool table in the back, so Dustin and his friend started playing a game to lure Lindsey to play.

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When the black ball went in with seven of his balls on the table, as he predicted and set it up, he pulled down his pants as the loser should do, but that was all a perfect plan for his girlfriend to see the tattoo.

She was crying like crazy for about half an hour, and when she caught her breath she gave him her positive answer. The tattoo was of their cat Pinkie, and Lindsey is a cat person, and a bit of a crazy cat person, she loved every second of it.

Their quest for a dress didn't go as planned and then Lindsey was put forward to appear on the TV show Curvy Brides Boutique on TLC, where Jo Cooke and Alison Law, owners of Curves and Couture in Essex, help plus size women find their dream dress.

These cat-like fairy tales continue to go in a positive direction and we will just have to see what waits for them in the future.

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