Man runs into house fire to save his last two beers

With this story, 56-year-old Michael Casteel made the stupid decision to run into a burning building to save his last few beers.

Running back into a burning building TO SAVE YOUR BEER is probably one of the most stupid things you can do, especially if you had already got out safely.

Sioux Falls fire and police crews arrived at the scene at around 12.30pm where Michael Casteel ignored direct  orders to not re-enter the building.

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Michael went back in once to try and save his beer.  After being removed from the property, he still went back in a second time and this time he emerged with two cans of Bud Ice Beers.


Michael was arrested by police and charged for obstruction and violating a 24/7 sobriety program. He was also found to have a blood-alcohol content level of .082. Two other people were treated for smoke inhalation and one other person was treated at hospital as a result of the fire.

A 56-year-old man was arrested after he disobeyed police and ran into a burning building twice to “save” his beer.

Sioux Falls fire and police crews arrived at an apartment building fire around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, KELO reports. While at the scene, Michael Casteel ignored an officer who tried to stop him from running back into the burning building.

When he left the building the second time, Casteel carried two cans of Bud Ice beers with him.

Sioux Falls police took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to condemn the man’s actions.

The tweet read, “It is not advisable to push past (police) and (firefighters) in an attempt to ‘save your beer.”

Casteel had a blood-alcohol content level of .082. He was charged with obstruction and violating a 24/7 sobriety program.

Police have since commented on the incident on Twitter regarding the man's actions saying that it's not advisable to push past emergency services to 'save your beer'.

They also stated that one person was in custody for obstructing fire and police. The tweet can be seen below.

1 in custody after obstructing fire and police.It is not advisable to push past PD and Fire in an attempt to "save your beer"#besmart /803

I could understand Michael Casteel going back inside the burning building if he had family members or a pet to save. Perhaps even something of sentimental value in the home would be understandable. Stupid, but understandable.

But he was just a buzzed beer drinker who was intoxicated and felt that his beer was more important than his own life, which resulted in him rushing back into the house to save a few cans of Bud Ice.

Beer can be replaced, so why would Casteel endanger his own life to save two cans of it?

Family, pets and loved ones cannot be replaced and that would be more of a reason to run in and save them.

If the police had not have arrested Casteel, then who knows what could have happened? Maybe he would have prevented the emergency services from doing their job and the fire could have gotten out of control and caused more damage.

Casteel needs to understand that you can not head back into a burning building, after being told not to by police and firefighters, for your own safety. It doesn't matter if he's intoxicated or not.

I would not dream of running back into a burning building unless I really had to. For example, if I had a child or a family member trapped and I was the only available source to help them, then I would go in!

Obstructing emergency services also would never be something I would consider, they are there to help not have to deal with problems from trouble causers.

Casteel let his love of alcohol make his horrible decision for him and the result was him putting his life in jeopardy for some Bud Ice.

This kind of story shows how dangerous it can be to drink too much and how much trouble you could cause when not following direct police orders. Casteel was arrested because he thought it was a great idea to risk his life for two beers.

This was not the most intelligent decision and hopefully he doesn't do that ever again.

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