Man sets booby trap, then woman stealing Trump signs falls for it

A man had some Trump signs in his yard, but they kept getting stolen. He decided to do something about it to fight back. He made a booby trap out of some fishing line so that whomever was trying to steal his Trump signs would trip over the wire. Guess what! It worked. Apparently it worked more than once too, because the man says he's "2 and 0" meaning at least two people tried to steal his Trump signs, but didn't get far.

In this video, a woman is seen trying to take the signs and run off, but when she runs off, she trips. Then the signs are found a few feet away and the woman has scurried off. The whole thing was caught on video.

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The man has a good message too. He says it doesn't matter what the sign is or what the politics are, if it's not your sign, then leave it alone. He's right! Stealing is a crime. And just because you don't like a sign, that does not give you the right to steal it or destroy it.

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