Man slapped with ticket just ten minutes after buying a Mclaren

Police profiling might have something to do with this one. Sometimes it only takes to have a super fast sports car, to get pulled over. With one exemption though. Guy that we are talking about here, actually did confirm all the stereotypes about the owners of the sports cars – he really drove too fast.

And he really was guilty.

Ever heard about McLaren car brand? If not, well, it means that you are probably either a woman (sorry for profiling!), or just someone that doesn't care about the cars at all. McLaren is one of the companies that make so-called super cars, with a superpower and superspeed, that are also – super expensive.

Along with McLaren, the other famous brands in this niche are Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Lotus... just to name few of them.

So the guy bought his lovely, $250,000 car, McLaren 600 LT. But just as he went out, with the keys in his hand, of some of the Vancouver's car dealers, he quickly got busted by the police for speeding. He drove only few miles, but with speed over 100 mph, in a 55 mph zone. Talk about bad luck, and well, driver's stupidity, too.

Police showed him no mercy, and they quickly gave him 360 bucks ticket for speeding. They also impounded his car  for 7 days, quickly towing it away out of mad driver's sight. Such a shame for such a great car.

Obviously, the dude should test it out in some other place, more friendly for that kind of cars. With its 560 horsepower (!) and 3.2 seconds to 100 km/h, Canadian roads and rules are definitely NOT fit for that kind of masterpiece of car technology.

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