Man sues Popeyes over chicken sandwich

The chaos behind Popeyes chicken sandwich has not only become a viral sensation reaching the peak of meme status, but it is also being brought to court. Popeyes is making history with one man from Tennessee heading this war and bringing it to a judicial level.

Last Wednesday, August 28, a man named Craig Barr filed a civil summons at the Hamilton County Court. This request to appear in court was filed against Popeyes Chicken. He was scammed by an official Popeyes employee. This was the last strike on Barr who was already exhausted after driving to Popeyes branches in hopes of having a taste of the viral sandwich. 

When he was about to give up, he went to Craigslist and found an ad which claims that they have a supply of the chicken sandwich and is selling them for $24. Barr paid but received no chicken sandwich from the Popeye's worker. His lawsuit came just before Popeyes announced that they are working on bringing back the much-demanded sandwich back to their menu. 

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He is now asking for a $5,000 compensation for his wasted efforts and him being scammed right after. 

The viral sandwich became a viral sensation after its introduction on August 12. The tweet that sparked a marketing feud with fellow competitor Chick-Fil-A caused many people to be curious about the sandwich. While this was a success for Popeyes, the overwhelming demand caused their chicken supply to dwindle. This also sparked controversy after a worker who slipped on a greasy floor tweeted about their exhaustion on trying to keep up with the orders. 

It is not clear on when the sandwiches will return to the menu. 

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