Manager Claims Philly's Oldest Operated Tavern is Haunted

The McGillin's Olde Ale House on Drury Street in Center City has been serving Philadelphia's thirsty drinkers and eaters since 1860 and they have no plans to slow down. That is, of course, if the ghosts that reportedly haunt the joint allow them to. Rumor has it that the place is very, very haunted and there's a certain manager who can vouch for the acts of the supernatural!

Current General Manager Chris Chris Mullins is quick to assert that the ghost of one or more people haunt the pub.  One being the ghost of the one of the original owners, Ma McGillin.  Ma took over running the pub when her husband Pa McGillin passed away.  Mullins says that most of his staff have had experiences that have totally creeped them out, such as pots randomly falling from their sturdy racks, lights flickering and even ghastly shadows.  Even non-believing staff concedes that they have witnessed some pretty extraordinary stuff.

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A team of paranormal investigators were invited to see what they could turn up inside the ancient pub and they managed to get a photo that shows what looks to be the ghost of good ole Ma McGillin.

Mullin's uncle died in the alley that leads to one of the pub's entrances under unclear circumstances and he says that one year his father and some employees were having some fun in the alley after a long night of work when his dad threw a wet towel at the window where the uncle died.  The entire window smashed as if a giant rock had been hurled at it, leaving everyone out in the alley that night speechless.

The McGillin's Olde Ale House has quite a history.  Ma McGillin was so liked in Philadelphia that when she passed away she was one of the first females ever to have Broad Street closed down for her funeral.  When Ma locked the door on January 17th, 1920 marking the era of prohibition and the end of the alcohol part of her bar, Ma was astounded to see that hundreds of people came out to see her symbolically lock the giant iron front doors. 

Ma pressed on and she hired an executive chef to form their first food menu to keep the place going throughout the prohibition.

Chris Mullins says he believes that Ma and the other ghosts haunt the place because they might be a bit unable to accept that their creation lives on perfectly well, even without their presence.  I think I know where I'm going to get my buzz on this Halloween!

Philadelphia's McGillin's Olde Ale House named one of the coolest bars in the USA by Gourmet Magazine may be haunted

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