By Frank
Posted January 10, 2017
Here's a map showing how much land the government owns in every state. Don't even think about building that stupid tiny house on one of these areas shaded to show ownership by the man.

The map below shows how much land the government owns. There’s a huge difference in land ownership between the West and East side of America. It shows how the government ruled at the time and the differences between said ruling is now visible in the amount of federal land owned.

Land ownership by the government is like night and day when comparing the East to the West.

I’d like to know what happens if you venture out to the middle of nowhere and build a home. Let’s say you’re 30 miles out in the middle of the wilderness and build a log cabin. You aren’t in anyone’s way, but you may have built it on government property. Will the government claim your cabin? Knock it down? Sell it at an auction? What would happen?

Is the reason for government ownership to control where populations of people live and to prevent people from migrating to new areas without the government having their hands in it?

Speaking of tiny houses, didn't Eskimos create the tiny house when they built the first igloo? Or was it the Native Americans who made the teepee?

How much land does the government own in your state?

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