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Marco Rubio says sealed ballot box and voting equipment found at community center


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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has stated that the Broward Sheriff's office has "discovered voting equipment & what is purportedly a sealed Provisional Ballot Box left behind in Tamarac Lakes Community Center." However, Rubio also listed a very questionable website as the source of his information, so hopefully there is an official report out soon on what was in the provisional ballot box. 

It is not clear what is actually inside the provisional ballot box. It may be equipment, or it could very well votes that were left behind by accident.

Broward County is in the middle of a voting scandal.

I do not know if what Rubio said is true. However, I would like to share what he posted on Twitter.

Here are screenshots of his posts and a few photographs that Rubio posted. I blocked out the source of the information because I'm not sure it's a well known site or if it's legit or not.

Again - this is what Marco Rubio is posting and I cannot confirm what is in the provisional ballot box.


If anyone has updated information or more news sources that covered this topic, then please post them in the comment section below.


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