Married teacher charged for having sexual relations with two students

Here we go again! Another female teacher is caught in a sex scandal with her students. This teacher is from Michigan and she's only 26. Her name is Kathryn Marie Houghtaling and she was allegedly caught having sexual relations with at least two students. One of her sex romps was apparently inside a car. How dare she.

She now faces criminal charges and up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

She's a former special education teacher and she will be arraigned on six counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct according to the NY Post who appears to have gotten their information from Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe, who told this to the Detroit News. Anyone making a decision like this might be special ed themselves, in my opinion!

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The NY Post stated:

Houghtaling, 26, was fired Tuesday from Rochester High School after an internal investigation by Rochester Community Schools. District officials said the alleged incidents occurred outside of school hours.
But sources told WXYZ that Houghtaling — whose social media accounts were largely wiped clean of identifying data as of Friday — had sex with two students in both an apartment and a car. 
The district’s superintendent notified parents of the allegations in a statement on Tuesday, saying that the charges are related to incidents involving “inappropriate conduct” with students outside of school hours. 
“The safety and welfare of our students and staff is always our primary concern,” read the statement, which was obtained by The Post. “The district fully cooperated with law enforcement officials throughout the investigation. In order to protect the integrity of the criminal investigation process, the district did not publicly disclose any information that could have a negative impact on the case while the investigation was pending.” 

What's going on with these ladies? Why don't they walk into a bar where the 21-year-old's hang out and sleep with some random drunk guys? Just about every single guy in a bar will take one of these girls home and pound her into a mattress, so what's the point in the teacher's hooking up with the students? It doesn't make any sense.

A girl can walk into any bar and get almost any guy as long as she isn't morbidly obese or missing like 20 teeth. Even then, they can still pick up a guy at a bar. Some guys will bang an ugly girl just for a funny story.

This is where girls have it easy  -they don't need to try hard to get laid, so that's also why these stories make NO FUCKING SENSE AT ALL.

I know the boys will be telling this story when they're older, but boys - stay away from your teachers. It ain't worth it.

To all the mildly attractive lady teachers out there -  if you're horny hit me up. I will introduce you to my guy friends who are all 21+ and you go bang each other's brains out. No questions asked. I can get you laid as long as you're at least a 3/10. Seriously, hit me up and stop breaking the law. I have plenty of single friends for you.

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