Martin Shkreli Offered $5k for Hillary Hair, Gets Jail Time Instead

Just when you thought rich people could not get any more weird and eccentric, we catch wind of an unhinged criminal, Martin Shkreli posted to a hoard of social media followers that he will pay them $5k for each strand of Hillary Clinton's hair that they give him.  Really, this couldn't sound more made up than it already does, but it's literally real news.

When the prosecutors and judge found out, they revoked his $5 million bail that he was clearly enjoying until his January, 2018 sentencing.  Shrkeli faces up to 2 years in the clink for a smorgasbord of yuppy securities fraud related charges.  

The security related fraud charges are at least in part related to him being the nice guy who price gouged AIDS medicine users to the tune of around 5,000%.  

Other than what he has already been convicted of, prosecutors pointed out his inkling to harass woman online.  He has been known to harass reporters and now fallen politicians.  The judge had him taken into immediate custody as she revoked his bail because she said that the very fact that he has no idea his online antics were wrong, and continues to do so absolutely makes him a risk to society.  Apparently dude was pretty animate during the hearing, up until he realized he was about to have his bail revoked.  That's sure got to tickle!

His big shot lawyers tried to talk their way out of it for him, but it fell on deaf ears.

Why should he be allowed to walk around free under under the grace of bail when he has made threats to a public figure that amount to soliciting assault with cash?  What's more, he's now wasting the resources of the court by causing them to do this bail hearing again, and the United States Secret Service is investigating his illegal threats.

Shrkreli is so out of touch with reality that he is said to believe that when his January sentencing hearing goes down, he has a better than 50% chance of not doing any time.  Sounds to me like the judge that revoked his bail, Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, just shot him up with a huge reality check and even saying things like that sounds like someone who is high on bail and refusing to face impending reality.

Now, good ole Shrkeli gets to sit in the slammer and ponder his stupidity before his sentencing, which, contrary to his own belief, will most likely end him in a federal prison for many more moons than his current stretch.

If he's lucky, that moon of his own won't be too beat up when he's done in jail.

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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