Mass Immigration Made London More Dangerous Than New York

A new report from Britain's Officer for National statistics released on Thursday, October 19th, reveals that London is now far more dangerous than New York City ever was. The report indicates that London has seen a drastic 19 percent increase in violent crimes and also a 19 percent increase in reported sexually related crimes. The report is inclusive of the entirety of England and Whales, although the vast majority of the offenses happen in the capital city of London, England, which is teeming with a forever surging immigrant population. If one delves further into the report and seeks out the most serious of crimes, the frequency they are committed in the England are quite staggering.

There was a 22 percent rise in rape reports, 26 percent rise in knife related offenses and even a 27 percent rise in gun related crimes.  The increase in gun related crimes is quite significant seeing as England has some very strict gun control laws, to the point of almost a total disallowance of guns in their country.  You know that old saying, guns don't kill people, people kill people?  Yeah.

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One specific crime is raising eyebrows as it is a type of crime predominately committed by the immigrant population which is the crime of throwing acid on the victim with the intent to either disfigure, shame or even kill the target.  There have been more acid attacks than there were stabbings and shootings!

It would not be fair to try to make it out as if the immigrant population is the only significant factor in the out-of-control crime rate in England.  There are a few factors that are in direct comparison with New York City.

In the 1990's New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani instituted a drastic change in which politicians and the police force policed the city.  They embarked on a very successful zero tolerance campaign that had the police force actively pursuing and deterring every crime, including low level crime.  Since NYC has changed to these tactics, murders have shrunk from their 1990 count of more than 2,000 murders to be on track to be below 240 for 2017 at the current rate.

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In recent years, London had begun its cost-cutting initiatives by focusing on the most serious crimes, and also arguably trivial crimes such as offensive social media posts.  Social media related posts accounted for more than 3,300 arrests in 2016.  All the while, the serious crime indicators continue to rise.  It's as if London is ignorant to the example and statistics of how New York City turned itself around.

London literally has shown that it is willing to turn the other way and not go after such crimes as vandalism, shoplifters and other perpetrators of similarly classified low-level crimes stating that it is just not practical to pursue petty crime as it drains their budget.  It should be noted that New York City and London are very similar in terms of population, police force size and budgets.

Britains police force has made attempts to reach out to the minority community by doing notional things such as wrapping patrol cars in LBGT flags, but they have not been effective, as the surging crime rates attest to.

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