Matt Gaetz allegedly showed photos of undressed women he slept with to lawmakers

Rep. Matt Gaetz faces allegations of being connected to a teenage girl in a way people would find is inappropriate. Gaetz denies the allegations and claims he is the victim of an extortion attempt by a former DOJ member.

Another claim came out that Matt Gaetz was showing people undressed photos or videos of women he claims to have slept with while on the House floor. One of those videos allegedly involves an undressed woman and a hula hoop, but it was not Marjorie Taylor Greene as some might have joked about it being her. UPDATE: the title says shared, but it was supposed to say SHOWED.

Business Insider wrote:


A new report from CNN alleges that Rep. Matt Gaetz showed lawmakers nude photos of women he said he had slept with. He showed off these photos both in private and on the House floor, according to CNN, and he also boasted about his sexual exploits.

Thursday's development comes as Gaetz is facing a firestorm over the revelation that the Justice Department is investigating whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and paid for her to travel with him, breaking federal sex-trafficking laws by doing so.

CNN said that there is no evidence the nude photos Gaetz showed to lawmakers are connected to the Justice Department's probe.

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Earlier Thursday, CNN also reported that investigators are looking into whether Gaetz misused campaign funds to pay for his travel.

Twitter is in an uproar as people are calling him out from both the left and right side of politics, basically calling him a scumbag.

Here's a bunch of Tweets from people calling him out in their attempt to completely disconnect from the guy in any way possible:


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