Matt Gaetz extortion claim now involves search for missing ex-FBI agent

The Matt Gaetz case is getting weird. The Republican rep faces allegations and federal investigations over claims he was with a teen girl. He was then said to have been showing lawmakers photos or videos of women in a state of undress, saying he slept with them.

Now his claims of extortion involve the search for a missing ex-FBI agent named Robert Levinson. What the heck is going on with this? It's absolutely crazy!

Let's dive right in to the Fox News story:


Details surrounding the claim by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., that he is the victim of an extortion plot involving allegations of a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old now portend to connect it to a search for an FBI agent who went missing in Iran 14 years ago.


OK, wtf... wow...

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According to documents obtained and reported by the Washington Examiner, Gaetz's family was approached by former Air Force intelligence officer Bob Kent, who claimed that he had located former agent Robert Levinson, whose family presumed him to be dead. Kent reportedly sought a $25 million loan to fund an operation to rescue Levinson, and promised to help the congressman with legal woes in return.


Why would that guy go to Matt Gaetz? What exactly would Gaetz even do?


"In exchange for the funds being arranged, and upon the release of Mr. Levinson, the team that delivers Mr. Levinson to the President of The United States shall strongly advocate that President Biden issue a Presidential Pardon, or instruct the Department of Justice to terminate any and all investigations involving Congressman Gaetz," said the document Kent reportedly gave Gaetz's father, which bore the heading "Project Homecoming."


Was the guy kidnapped and now they're trying to trade him for a pardon? This sounds like a movie plot.


The document stated that Rep. Gaetz was "currently under investigation by the FBI for various public corruption and public integrity issues." It goes on to allege that the FBI has learned of images of Gaetz in a "sexual orgy with underage prostitutes."


Sounds like Epstein Island.


The document reportedly calls for Gaetz's father to place $25 million in a trust account of law firm Beggs & Land, bearing the name of Levinson family attorney and former federal prosecutor David McGee.

Gaetz has denied any allegations of wrongdoing and claimed that he was the target of an extortion attempt folllowing a Tuesday New York Times report that said Gaetz is currently the subject of a federal sex trafficking investigation involving a then-17-year-old girl.


This is probably going to be a documentary one day.

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