Mayor de Blasio's wife can't account for $850m taxpayer money for mental health project

Mayor Bill de Blasio's gave his wife, Chirlane McCray, $850 million and she is unable to account for what happened to much of the money she was given for a mental health program she was running. The program is called ThriveNYC and reports suggest they have failed to keep accurate records of their spending and initiative achievements, upon which they appear to be falling well behind from their targeted goals.

The program was provided with a larger budget and could possibly spend up to $1 billion over five years, much of which could also be unaccounted for if records are kept poorly.

In a recent report by Politico, they spoke to 16 people. Many among them were "elected officials, advocates, representatives of community organizations, researchers and consultants who said that although it is crucial for the city to invest in mental health resources, they did not know whether Thrive was successful and said the city has an obligation to publicize its numbers and how it compares to the goals it set out to accomplish. Some requested anonymity for fear of retaliation while others were more vocal in their critiques."


Politico states they filed a records request to know about the ThriveNYC's line-item budget from October of 2018. In response, the city requested an extension - twice. Politico discovered "significant differences in spending" when looking at two budget breakdowns from City Hall and the Independent Budget Office.

As stated on Politico, "the City Hall budget shows $594 million in spending since ThriveNYC’s inception. The IBO budget shows $816 million. Both City Hall and IBO suspect the Office of Management and Budget included fewer programs in the City Hall version, accounting for the difference. But the budget discrepancies illustrate the difficulty in tracking Thrive."

Inquiring minds might want to know where this money is being spent and if the ThriveNYC program is successful.


If not, then where is the money and what is going on with the program that has used $850 million of taxpayer money.

Is it a conflict of interest for Mayor Bill de Blasio to grant his own wife $850 million for a project?

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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