Philly Soda Tax Approved, but will Preschoolers Get Screwed Over?

The Philly Soda Tax was voted on and passed. City council voted 13-4 to charge residents more money per sugary and diet drinks. Philadelphia is the largest city in the nation to approve a tax on soda. The only other city with a soda tax is Berkeley in California. "Mayor Jim Kenney must be so proud" said no one ever.

Philly soda tax causes uproar among residents.

Residents are up in arms over the proposed and approved soda tax. People don't want to pay more for their drinks, but the biggest problem was the lie about universal Pre-K. Most residents were OK with the tax if the Philly soda tax revenue generated created a universal Pre-K for Philadelphia students. The concept of all the money going to developing a quality universal Pre-K was thrown out at the last second. Money generated from the Philly soda tax will now be used for some pre-school, community schools, city park system, and "other things" as listed. Other things? How about sticking to the pre-K plan so we can have students reading before they enter kindergarten. Kids who cannot read will have very little chance for a successful life. Gaining literacy skills at an early age are prime success tools, but the kids need this as early as possible.

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Philly soda tax

Funding used for parks and other things?

Funding will be used for other things. OTHER THINGS? What exactly are these other things? Is it the black hole that the money goes into? I am weary of any politician who mentions "other things" because those other things could be any things. Maybe the Philly soda tax will pay for Mayor Jim Kenney to buy a new hat, because the one he's wearing in the picture won't get many approvals in this city.

I met Mayor Jim Kenney last year. He was very nice in person, as he's supposed to be, but now I'm very disappointed in Mayor Jim Kenney.

If you say you're going to steal money from people who buy sodas, then use it to educate their kids. If that was the plan all along, then stick with the plan. People have now lost trust in Mayor Jim Kenney. One does don't change the funding plan at the last second and use education money to redo parks and "other things."

I say...





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