Media Take Out posts fake news race bait, their fans call them out

Popular urban website, MediaTakeOut, just got called out for playing the race card and treading the thin line between fake news and over exaggerated nonsense. It's so bad that even their own fans called them out on it. At the time of checking their post, they've received over 200 comments, most of which were shaming MTO for their poor choice of headline.

In regards to this story about a man who left his child in a hot car, the site MediaTakeOut posted this headline on Facebook:

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"Father Who KILLS DAUGHTER . . . Is Given NO Jail Time . . . Lawyer Used The 'RACE' Defense . . . Tells Judge If You LOCK HIM UP . . . YOU'RE RACIST!! (Do You Agree??)"

The headline was so bad, that the story literally had nothing to do with race. Nothing. Not one bit. Race wasn't a factor in the trial, for the jury, for the judge - literally nothing.

No one told a judge that they were racist if they found the man guilty. No lawyer used a race related defense. What actually happened was the man, Joshua Blunt plead guilty to receive a reduced sentence. He has a fiance pregnant with twins, so he took the deal to make sure he can get home to his future family.

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Just from reading about this, I don't think he did it on purpose. Just a huge mistake and it seems like he's really hurting about it. If he threw his kid into a river, that would be different.

MediaTakeOut should be ashamed of themselves for playing the race card just to get clicks. Most of their audience consists of black folks and when I saw them calling out MTO in the comments, it was like a moment of joy. Finally someone's calling out people for playing that race card nonsense.

When something has NOTHING to do with race, but they want to make it about race, then we all need to call them out on it.

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MediaTakeOut screwed up and their fans were brilliant in calling them out for it.

Great job, folks.

Here's some of the good comments. One guy said the baby was racist. That was pretty funny. Many of the comments are fans upset that MTO keeps making up headlines and fake news stories. This story happened, but not even close to how MTO suggests it did. That's called turning real news into fake news.

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