Medieval Sex Cult at Center of Crossbow Murder Mystery

"Sex, cult and murder" – if someone asked us, which European nation correlates in our mind with these words, we would definitely point at Germany. It's not like we played too much Wolfenstein games or read and watched too much about Germany's dark past and WW2. In our opinion, Germans had always something dark hidden in their minds (just listen to their language), regardless how many of them would read Goethe and listen to Schumann or Bach. And this story can actually only confirm our opinion on this nation.

In the small German town named Passau, located in picturesque Bavaria, three bodies were found. One was of Torsten W., 53 year old male, the other two – of his female lovers and (probably) worshipers. Because Torsten W. wasn't just casual Bavarian guy, he was the owner of shop with medieval  flags, weapons and fetish toys. He was also, as the police suspects, the leader of mysterious sex cult that mentally lived in medieval times. Two other victims, that were found with him in a small hotel in Passau, were women in their 30s. All victims were laying in a specific circle, and their bodies were massacred with crossbow bolts.

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People that knew Torsten and saw him with his female friends say that he appeared to have some "mystical power" over females, and they behaved like his slaves. He also owned a dog, that was known to the local police, as he mauled before few other dogs.

But dark and brutal events don't end here. After quick investigation, police found the other two bodies, in the apartment of one of Torsten's dead friends – Farina C.'s, that is located 400 miles away in other town, Wittingen.

We certainly hope that the German police will be lucky enough to discover everything that could be connected with these brutal murders.

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