Megan Fox sends her sons to vegan school, teaches them plants have feelings

A recent article on People tells us that Megan Fox sends her sons to a vegan school and teaches them that plants have feelings, thoughts, and emotions. If you're wondering where Megan Fox has been lately, you're not alone.

She was great in the Transformers movie, which showcased her maximum ability as an actress - stand around, look good, and not have too many difficult lines.

Nowadays she's in some lesser known roles, I think, and she's apparently focusing on her three sons and husband, the guy from that old school show '90201' - Brian Austin Green.

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Green doesn't wear dresses, but they do let their sons wear princess dresses and, well, that's just odd. I have to admit, I honestly thought Megan Fox had three daughters. I didn't realize they were boys until I read further into articles about her kids and saw their names. One of them had a dress and another was in yoga pants and Uggs. That's girl clothes, right?

They send their kids to a vegan school, which I had no idea even existed. I don't know where on this planet there is such a town that has so much white privilege that an entire school is vegan. In fact, I didn't even know there was enough vegan people in one town to facilitate an entire school.

Yet, here we are.

People's article had some good snippets:

The involved parents are also teaching their children to be environmentally friendly. As Fox explained to PEOPLE, “We send them to an organic, sustainable, vegan school where they’re seed-to-table, they plant their own food. They grow it, they harvest it and they take it to local restaurants to sell it, so they understand how all of that works.”

“I’m very specific about never harming animals,” she added. “We don’t step on ants; we don’t do things like that. We don’t rip flowers out of the ground, because we think they’re beautiful. I teach them that plants are sentient beings — they have feelings, thoughts and emotions — so that’s what we’re doing.”

Teaching children that there is other life on the planet that is valuable is fairly cool. However, do her boys need to wear a Disney princess dress during these life teaching moments?

They're not my kids, so I don't care what she does. I just think they're going to face some trying times when the kids get to grade school and show up in a dress to a 8-year-old birthday party where kids start turning into little roasters slamming each other with jokes.

What happens when the kids eat their first cheeseburger and realize how delicious it is, then Brian Austin Green has to explain what happens to the cow?

Am I the weird one, or is Megan Fox spaced out?

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