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Meghan Trainor falls on Jimmy Fallon show

Singer Meghan Trainor falls live on the Jimmy Fallon show. Jimmy walks out to help her up and lays down next to her. This video is hilarious and Jimmy Fallon reminds us all that it's OK to fall over once in a while. There's always someone there to remind you (Duran Duran) that everything is gonna be alright (Naughty by Nature). You like that?

Meghan Trainor Falls on Jimmy Fallon Show Video

It's OK to laugh when you know they're OK. I'm not a fan of her songs, so this was her best video for me. Meghan Trainor sings that song "All about the bass" which talks about girls who aren't skinny. Her other song is "NO" which is what I say every time I hear it on the radio. Her songs are fairly catchy, which is just about all you need to have a top hit on the Billboard charts these days. I'm not so sure talent is a thing anymore. At least not in this case or with Beyonce. That doesn't mean I wouldn't play her songs at a fun party, because they're definitely good party songs. It just means I could care less for them and you won't see me buying her music. You can always hear her songs in most beach bars or night clubs and there's always people dancing to her tracks. I just won't be watching her on YouTube or downloading her songs on Napster Itunes. I would definitely like to acknowledge how awesome Jimmy Fallon has become. He went from that guy who knodded his head towards a window to laying next to Meghan Trainor after she falls on his show live in front of the studio audience. What would you do if you fell during a performance? Would you laugh it off or run and cry? meghan trainor falls jimmy fallon


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