Megyn Kelly on BLM: it is 'Tough to take them seriously' and explains why

Famed persona Megyn Kelly has now publicly bashed Black Lives Matter organization and said it's tough to take them seriously.

The reason she said this is because America just had a really rough weekend with multiple black children being victims of violence.

Kelly suggests that Black Lives Matter does give much more than a shoulder shrug when black children are lost.... time and time again.

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She stated, "Look at these sweet faces. What heartbreak. How is this not Priority #1 for BLM?? Tough to take them seriously when this gets a shoulder shrug, time and time again."

What Kelly said is a big deal because a lot of Americans feel the same way. Where is BLM when nearly 80 people are being shot in Chicago?

Why don't those lives matter? And if they do, then why doesn't BLM go to the areas where there's violence and help change things for the better?

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