Melania Trump visited war zone in Iraq, something Michelle Obama never did

First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Iraq with President Donald Trump over the Christmas holiday to visit American military soldiers stationed in a warzone. This marks the first time that a first lady has visited a warzone in over a decade. She was also the only first lady to have visited Iraq since the "war" began over 15 years ago. Former first lady Michelle Obama did not ever travel to a war zone, although she did spend time ruining school lunches for children and attempting to dress nicely for her husband, Barack Obama.

Mark Knoller is a veteran CBS White House correspondent who is known for keeping very accurate records of White House activity. According to the Washington Examiner, Knoller "Checked my records" and "Found no war zone trips by Mrs. Obama." 

One time Obama got within 600 miles of a war zone during a meetup with troops stationed in "Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar in November 2015."

Before the Trump visit to Iraq, the most recent visit to a war zone by a first lady was that of Laura Bush to Afghanistan in June 2008. The same day she was there, 11 police officers were killed in an ambush south of Kabul and three British soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber in Helmand province. Bush also went to Afghanistan in March 2005.
Hillary Clinton stayed away from war zones when she was first lady during her husband Bill's eight-year stint at the White House. She did not visit troops during combat operations in Bosnia between 1992 and 1995 but made a trip there in March 1996 after hostilities had ceased, along with her daughter Chelsea, then 16.
Clinton faced ridicule in 2008 when she claimed she landed in Bosnia "under sniper fire," even though news footage from the time showed her strolling on the tarmac and being read a poem by a small girl.

Why does it seem like the only first lady in recent history who cares about the American troops is an immigrant first lady, but Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama couldn't be bothered?

Sure says a lot about the women in the White House before Melania got there.

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