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Memorial for 9/11 First Responders defaced

An act of vandalism in Geneva, NY. The memorial for 9/11 first responders was spray-painted by some mischief-maker.

The events of 9/11 are still painful in the memory of not only New Yorkers but also of all American people. But it looks that not for everyone, as the statue in Geneva, New York just got vandalized. It probably wasn't an act of any political purpose, just a "casual" act of vandalism. But still... it obviously hurts the memory about the people that died in 9/11 and those that served and worked hard to help the victims of these terrorist attacks.

One of such first responders is Andrew Stromfeld, who worked at Ground Zero back then in 2001. Now he says that his feelings and memory are hurt. “It brings it all back to us when more attention is played onto it by people doing damaging things, saying damaging things, it makes it a lot harder,” he said.

The police said that they received a report of this act on Tuesday, August 27th. When they appeared at the scene of this criminal mischief, they saw a monument painted with some white spray. Like one resident of Geneva said, it was probably a typical act of vandalism, not connected with any political issues. "I don’t think the damage has any real significance — I think its kids being kids doing stupid stuff. I come down here all the time and find garbage left from damage done by kids,” said Phillip Herrick from Geneva.

But regardless of the motives of the culprits, the monument is devastated, just like the memory about 9/11. “Sometimes it might not be about their feelings but what they don’t take into consideration is what about the people that the monument means,” resumed it Andrew Stromfeld.
Adam Blowes, the assistant city manager of Geneva, said that it's "unfortunate" how the people that risked their lives are treated by this act of vandalism.

The local police are still searching for the culprits.


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