Men now afraid to give women CPR in fear of being accused of sexual assault and #MeToo

An article on Yahoo stated that researcher had surveyed people regarding CPR and their attitude when it comes to giving women CPR. The researchers, from the University of Colorado, had reported that many of the interviewees stated they feared giving a woman CPR because they would not want to be accused of touching them inappropriately or accused of sexual assault.

This is not good news for a woman who might suffer a heart attack or any other medical issue and require CPR on the spot to save them. Some call this the side effect of the #MeToo movement.

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The Yahoo article stated, "Men were twice as likely to cite this fear as a reason for not administering CPR, the researchers found."

Study lead author Sarah Perman of the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, said: ‘The consequences of all of these major themes is that women will potentially receive no CPR or delays in initiation of CPR.
While these are actual fears the public holds, it is important to realise that CPR is lifesaving and should be rendered to collapsed individuals regardless of gender, race or ethnicity.’
Administering CPR at the moment of a heart attack roughly triples a person’s chances of surviving, the researchers said.

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This could be a real fear because some judges don't always make appropriate decisions.

The real fear is that the accusation alone could ruin someone's life, because even after someone is proven innocent, the damages are already done.

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Make no mistake about it, if someone needed CPR, I'd give it to them in a heartbeat.

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