Men with Penises Now Allowed to Shower with Girls

The rules of the Girl Guides (UK's version of Girl Scouts) have been updated to allow full grown men to shower with girls. The males, ages five to 25 spend time in the shower with girls, can also share changing rooms, toilets, and sleep in the same area when going away on trips. If that doesn't scare you and your daughter, then what will?

The Girl Guides, a UK version of the Girl Scouts, have been around for 107 years and is allowing political correctness and transgenderism to rewrite their rule book. The updates permit the transgender girls (who are really males dressed up as girls) to share the same accommodations and facilities of the girls. 

This is one of many ridiculous things that transgender/gender issues and political correctness have essentially ruined and put young women in danger.

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Let's take a deeper look at the article about the new Girl Guides rules and reasoning. The items in bold are from the original source article from The Telegraph website.

The new guidance, issued on the group's UK website, says that "the use of gendered facilities," including showers, toilets and changing rooms, "can cause anxiety".

What about the real girls? They're forced to be in a shower, bathroom, or changing area with a penis? Don't the real girls matter? They are now forced to share personal areas with men. The girls could also get raped or sexually assaulted while they're using their own facilities. Transgender girls should not be allowed to be anywhere near the bathroom of a real girl. A transgender girl is a man.

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It adds: "Members are allowed to use the facilities of the gender they self-identify as."

That's not how our gender works. We are born as a male or female and we cannot simply "identify" as the opposite gender. That's not how science works. That's how feelings work and feelings don't mstt

Julie Bentley, Girlguiding Chief Executive, said that the organisation follows the requirements set out in the Equality Act 2010, which states that organisations providing single-sex services must treat people according to their acquired gender. 

The Equality Act of 2010 is horrible and should be challenged. Single-sex services should not be forced to treat or service anyone of the opposite gender. Transgender women are not real women, they are men. A service for women should focus on real women, not men trying to pretend they're a woman.

Ms Bentley said: "In line with our values of inclusion, we welcome any young person who self-identifies as a girl or young woman.

That is not what the Girl Scouts or Girl Guides are about. This is as absurd as the transgender boys joining the Boy Scouts. The Girl Guides should not put their girls in danger by allowing them to shower with males who are five to 25-years-old. 

The organisation's gender guidelines state: "'Girl' is based on gender identity. This means that any child who self-identifies as a girl should feel safe and welcome in our girl-only space regardless of the sex that they were assigned at birth."

That's not how gender works. We are born as male or female and we cannot biologically change. We can play dress-up and get as many surgeries as we want, but we will not ever be the opposite gender. A woman who has a penis added to her is still not a man. She still has the female reproductive parts on the inside, therefore, she is and always will be a woman. A man who gets he penis removed cannot give birth to a child. He doesn't become a woman. He becomes a man with no penis.

The Government announced in July that it was to allow adults to legally challenge their gender without facing "demeaning" rules that force people to undergo a formal medical diagnosis.

It's demeaning to real girls when they walk into a shower and a man with a penis is standing next to them. We need to value and respect the needs of real women. I can't imagine how demeaning it would be for girls to walk into a locker room filled with transgender girls (boys) and not feel comfortable in their own space.

There are concerns, however, that sharing accommodation and personal facilities will threaten the safety and privacy of girls, especially as parents of younger members would not be automatically told if their daughter was sharing such facilities.

I thought we were supposed to provide safe spaces. How is this safe? A girl could get sexually assaulted, raped, and impregnated. This is not safe or appropriate for girls to be in the shower with men who could be 25-years-old.

The guidance states that it is not "best practice" to inform parents that a trans person will be attending a residential event.

That is the biggest pile of nonsense I've ever heard. If my daughter will be at an event where she may be in a shower with a grown man, then I better be the first to know. As a parent, that's my right to know and it's my right to expect my daughter is in a safe environment that is not forcing her to be next to an exposed penis at a young age.

The transgender movement is sick, not normal, and they need to stop trying to normalize something that's clearly a mental illness.

It's time to fight back against the normalization of transgenderness. It was fine as a kinky thing to do for people looking for some bizarre fetish fun, but something that is considered a mental illness should not be normalized. And most certainly - we should not bend rules so badly that male or female only organizations allow men to shower with little girls to appease some skewed political correctness or gender-based rules.

How is this fair or inclusive to real girls who would like some privacy and safety?

This is not progress.

Picture credit: Girl Guides of Canada (because there wasn't any good Girl Guide UK pictures)

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