A METS player, TJ Rivera, takes a picture with a crown on his head for having a good performance that eventually lead to their defeat of the Marlins. That's when fans notice that big brown snake in the background of the picture.

That's not a practice bat, but it may as well be!

After hitting a home run and following that up with a game-tying double that eventually led to the team defeating the Miami Marlins – TJ Rivera was awarded a crown for the night he put up and team posted him on Twitter.

That photo was soon deleted by the Mets, because of something that was noticed off to Rivera’s left. It looked like a big brown dildo inside Mets Catcher Kevin Plawecki’s locker and social media had questions.

What's Plawecki doing with that in his locker? Where else has that been? Does he even know that's there?

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