Michael Avenatti might run for president afterall

Michael Avenatti has stated that he "contemplates" running for the US presidency in 2020, despite his last year's declaration that he won't take a part in it.

Michael Avenatti is an attorney who got his fame when he represented various celebrities. He also sued many Fortune 100 companies. One of his most famous clients was Stormy Daniels, a blond adult star who he represented in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump.


In his recent interview with CNBC, Avenatti said that he considers running for the US presidency.

“Never say never,” he said. He also said that the Democrats need "non-traditional fighter" and currently they "have a lot of talent but not a lot of fighters".

Avenatti said about himself: "I have the name ID and everyone knows I’m one of the few effective fighters that the Dems have." When asked about the current President Donald Trump, he said that "he is a brawler who has no bounds" and the Democrats may need someone that "can match him punch for punch."


He also has some problems with the law. In March 2019, he was arrested in New York in an alleged extortion scheme against Nike. A scheme that was worth up to $25 million, in which he was accused of threatening Nike with revealing some damaging claims about the company.

Avenatti had also other problems in California, where federal prosecutors indicted him on three dozen counts, like stealing money from his clients and lying about his income to the regulators.

Avenatti denies the charges and accusations and strikes back saying, that he hasn't "been convicted of anything by Trump’s DOJ and second, the biggest criminal in America is currently in the White House."

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