Mike Bloomberg Tries Saying 'Texas' In Spanish And It's A Disaster

This is how you know some billionaires are out of touch. For no reason at all, Mini Mike Bloomberg is over here trying to say "Texas" in Spanish and he looks like a complete fool.

He says, "Tejas" otherwise pronounced as "TAY HAZ" and he's trying to offer proper annunciation it for the reporter.

She just says, "OK" "GOTCHA" and doesn't really have any other comment.

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If this is how a billionaire the height of a shopping cart is trying to relate to anyone in Texas, then he has utterly failed.

Sure, you can say Texas or Tejas all you want, Mike, but you're not making any human connection to people by faking your accent and Spanish.

Mike only speaks money, he doesn't speak Spanish.

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Also, if you want to hear another robot speak Spanish, then I offer you Google.

In the meantime, check out Jessica Fletcher's video of Mini Mike making mistakes:

Good grief, Michael.

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