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Mika Brzezinski Calls Bill Clinton A 'Predator'

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the "Morning Joe," has referred to former President Bill Clinton as a 'predator' while she was discussing Roy Moore, the Alabama Senatorial candidate who's wrapped up in his own sexually related accusations. Brzezinski was speaking with Donny Deutsch about Moore, then Brzezinski mentioned that the sexual harassment problem isn't a party issue. She referred to the ongoing sexual harassment and assault charges plaguing politics and Hollywood as a bipartisan issue. For once, both parties agree on something, but it, unfortunately, consists of harassing people.

Brzezinski hit a home run when she reminded fans that Bill Clinton was involved with "sexually harassed an intern in the White House" and stated that Monica Lewinsky's life was basically ruined thanks to the incident. She specifically stated "There are cases that are proven, where there are settlements, where there is evidence and the sexual predator has been brought down. Harvey Weinstein. There are cases where the predator flourished and continued to be the President of the United States. I'm talking about Bill Clinton. Where the women were attacked, where they were settled with, and their lives were ruined – Monica Lewinsky."

That's the dagger in the predator's heart right there. She called it out. People who don't enjoy her work are shocked to see her say those things. Even more so, people are happy that others are finally seeing the light in the darkness of sexual predators and how they're lurking in some of the highest positions in the country. Everyone from politicians to Hollywood celebrities who have engaged in some form of sexual assault or harassment and people are dropping the party lines and calling it out one way or the other.

Is it bad that one of the few bipartisan issues people agree on is the fact that Bill Clinton acted like a predator in the White House when he used an intern as his cigar humidor?

It's good to see people agree on things for once, but it's sad that predatorial behavior is their meeting point.


Here's the clip where Mika talks about Monica Lewinsky.

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