Mike Ditka has never been one to hold his views back, and he continued this norm during The Bears-Vikings game on Monday Night Football, October 9th.  It was during an interview that he make a few proclamations, the most shocking was that he denied there has been any racial oppression in the past 100 years.  That would mean, if he were right, that since 1917, there has been no oppression against a racial group.  No Rosa Parks, No Civil Rights Act being passed, no Martin Luther King, Jr., none of it.  The only saving grace he has was by throwing in the appendage, "that I know of."  This gives him the opportunity to respond to critics that he meant in his personal experience and that he was not denying it happened to others that he is not aware of.  I mean, nobody knows who Martin Luther King is, right?

The Super Bowl winning coach was asked about one thing, then went completely on a tangent, ranting about the national anthem protests.  He said that if he were still a head coach that he would absolutely not allow his players to take a knee.  His reasoning is pretty simple.  He said that NFL players are sports professionals and should be worrying about the game, which is a team sport, not making individual political statements.  

Ditka also went off on the narrative that the players are disrespecting the flag and soldiers by taking a knee and how it was utterly disrespectful.  

A syndicated black radio host made a point that in his opinion, the protests are being misconstrued by many as a sign of disrespect to the flag and our country, when in fact, it is merely an attempt to draw attention to social injustice and police brutality.

Whichever point of view you take on the national anthem protests by NFL players, I am of opinion that taking a knee for whatever reason shows disrespect to the flag, our country and the military.  You could be taking a knee because your dog Fido died.  I don't care.  Get up, like so many fallen soldiers who have fought for this country can no longer do.  The rights all Americans have this day are being taken for granted by spoiled, attention-seeking prima donnas getting on the Colin Kaepernick train of pseudo-relevancy.

What Ditka said about 100 years of no oppression was clearly ill advised, borderline idiotic, but have you seen this guy talk?  He's halfway to dementia, things like this are bound to happen.

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