Mila Kunis Donates To Planned Parenthood in Pence's Name And It Backfires

Mila Kunis has revealed that she makes monthly recurring donations to Planned Parenthood in Vice President Mike Pence's name. She provided this information during a recent appearance on Conan O'Brien's show and it's sparked some hilarious controversy where people donate to things that other people hate, under that person's name. It's also ruffled enough feathers that some people began boycotting Jim Bean in retaliation. 

Pro-Life advocacy group, the Susan B. Anthony List responded that they would not accept donations to their mission in Pence's name. The vice president responded in the only way he knows, with class.  Pence tweeted that he was honored and thanked @SBAList and everything that they do to save lives and that he was all for their new initiative.

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Kunis told Conan last Thursday that what she was doing was not so much a prank as it was a silent protest of some of the things Pence was trying to accomplish namely women's rights/abortion issues.

She seems to take much delight in knowing that a letter from Planned Parenthood gets sent to his office notifying his staff that an anonymous donation was made in his name toward a cause which he actually does not support.

In what Kunis thought would be good publicity for her cause has basically backfired.  

There are many who do not share her beliefs and those of Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood provides many useful services for women, but the abortion aspect still has people seething with anger over how many innocent lives are eliminated for whatever reason people have, which is their business of course.

Some people in social media noted that while they normally would not be donating either way, they are now sending donations to to the Susan B Anthony list.  Kunis has essentially sprung pro-lifers into action triggering donations to the pro-life cause that normally would not have been donated.

Furthermore, there are now widespread calls across social media tp boycott Jim Beam, of which Mila Kunis is their spokesperson.

Some social media users have claimed they are now making donations to @SBAList in Kunis' name, while others are promoting a boycott on Jim Beam using the hashtag #BoycottBeam.

One user stated that his family had been buying Jim Beam products for over 30 years and will not buy from the brand again until Kunis is fired.

Kunis's peaceful protest story went over well with the notoriously left-leaning late night crowd, but clearly did not sit well with a great deal of more middle and left-minded Americans.

The debate over the right for women to terminate their pregnancies has been going on for many years now and don't expect it to simmer down any time soon.  Perhaps when new justices are in place things could get to an unprecedented level of debate, but until then both sides will continue their shots at each other's convictions.

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