Research: 22% of millennials have no friends

UK-based research company, YouGov did a survey recently on millennials in the USA, and the results are kind of scary. The results showed that almost a quarter (22 % to be exact) of millennials claim that they have no friends. It seems that the millennials – people born between 1981 and 1996 - are "the loneliest" generation since decades. The results for the two previous generations, so-called Generation X and so-called baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964), were less alarming.

Just 16 percent of Gen Xers said that they are without any friends, while among baby-boomers it was much less, just 6 %.


Researchers asked also about the feeling of "isolation", and almost one-third of millennials admitted having such feeling. Faced with the same question, just 20 % of people from so-called Generation X claimed to feel "isolated", while among baby-boomers, it was just around 15 %.

So there is a kind of obvious trend from this data. Every next human generation in the last decades has stronger and stronger feeling of loneliness and has fewer friends.

Psychologists say that we, as a society, are in the middle of the epidemic of loneliness. There are many reasons for this. New technologies, that were meant to make people be closer to each other, probably did the opposite.


Psychologists also alarm that feeling of isolation and lack of friends lead to serious mental and health issues. Not only depression and other mental illnesses, but also addictions, obesity and all other vices that you can imagine are connected with it.

I would like to add one thing though to this. The survey was done on the probe of 1,200 adult people from the very developed country, USA. I'm pretty sure that if it were done in some South American, Caribbean, African or Asian countries, the results would be much less alarming.

It's just usually that the countries that are the most-developed have such issues. The rest of the people, that is not from the USA, Europe, Australia or some developed Asian countries, which is around 80 % of the world, face such problems much less frequently. They usually have to stick together to survive, and they have no "comfort" to be alone.

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