Why Millennials Are Getting Sterilized In Their 20's

A group of millennials are getting themselves sterilized while they're in their 20's and it's causing quite an uproar on social media. The millennials who choose this way of life are often part of the "child free movement" which is the focus of documentary titled Young and Sterile: My Choice. Other reasons for choosing the sterile lifestyle ranges from personal reasons to genetics and not wanting to pass various forms of mental illness or other life altering genes or illnesses to their young.

Altering one's fertility is not something we're used to hearing about in regards of it being a trend for young women. If you heard about a 38-year-old soccer mom getting her tubes tied after she's had several kids, then it would be rather normal. But it may come as a shock to readers who find this sterilization trend happening in people's 20's, without having kids first. That's not what getting one's tubes tied used to be about. The new trend, depending on how you view it, could be considered daunting, dumb, or daring. The mostly permanent procedure was usually used as a means to prevent further children - not prevent all children.

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Nevertheless, they persisted like Elizabeth Warren once did and do something they possibly shouldn't do. Some of the millennials are choosing the "child free movement" simply because they don't ever want to have kids and they don't feel like using typical methods of preventing pregnancy. Sterilization for them will replace birth control, contraceptives, or having a guy with a strong pull out game who allows taking it in other places. 

The other argument is this - do we really want some of those folks reproducing anyway? We're not ones to judge, but I don't see many scholars and Noble Peace Prize winners in that group. Perhaps sterilizing them is a good idea. Controversial, sure, but they're the one's sterilizing themselves. No one is forcing them to do it. They're forcing others to do it to them.

Vice wrote about a 19-year-old girl named Katelin who is from Philadelphia. Katelin feels as though she has the right to operate a vehicle, vote, win a lottery, go to jail, and do other things - so why can't she decide on if she wants kids or not? And - if she decides now that she doesn't want children, then why can't she get her tubes tied and not ever have to worry about it? Her argument is strong, but it comes with a potentially massive amount of regret. What if she meets that one handsome guy who wants to begin a family with her? What if she grows out of her phase and decides she wants five kids? Can you imagine tying your tubes early in life, only to grow up into a normal adult and decide that a family sounds awesome? The regret would hang over the shoulder like the hump on the hunchback. It would be there forever. If there's one thing to know about Katelin, then it's this - she's 19 and doesn't know a glory hole from a rabbit hole. 

Vice later wrote about 28-year-old Andie who claims to be non-gender specific and wants to pick "they" as their preferred pronoun. Andie talked about issues with their mother who was violent. There's a rational fear of having kids that turn out just like the mom, but for most people that's not something people worry about. Andie said "My mother was a really violent person and I was excommunicated from her at a young age...I'm scared of having kids and turning into her, because motherhood was quite a cruel thing for me. I wouldn't want my kids to go through the same experience."

Andie has a point, but I don't think it's a reason people should sterilize themselves. There's a lot of crazy mothers in our world, but that doesn't mean our own children will be anything like that. If we came out of a crazy parent and are OK, then our children would likely be fine too. Perhaps Andie is scared to reproduce because they don't want the child to be like Andie. That's fine too. If Andie has a history of any mental illness or other problems, such as the inability to recognize one's own gender, then sure - that's a good case for being sterile.

Besides all the personal issues, mental illness, and other reasons millennials choose to get sterilized in their 20's, there's a feminist movement behind it as well. Of course there is.

There's a gender role for women that suggests at some point they will most likely settle down and start a family. It happens a lot out there in the real world. People have fun when they're young, then have a family later. Some have families when they're young and have fun later. At some point it's bound to happen for many people. No one is truly frowned upon if they just don't ever get around to having kids, but if someone is 19-years-old and thinks they won't ever have a family, then that's simply not true. There's so many people who swear they won't have kids, but then they meet some love-bug and realize they couldn't imagine their life without their new lover and a family van filled with 28 kids.

But that's a gender role and the patriarchy wants everyone to have babies, so what are feminists going to do? They're NOT going to have babies simply to stand their ground and remind everyone why no one takes them serious.

With the state of American health care being a wreck, don't expect Obamacare to go tying the tubes for ya! You might catch Betty Blue hair and her feminist friends tie their own tubes in the backyard with a sewing kit and a muffler, blocking those Fallopian tubes by themselves.

Andie seems to act like sterilization is a resistance to typical gender roles. "This idea that women have to settle down, get married, have children—it's quite a moral thing, isn't it? Life isn't just about reproduction. For me it goes back to this patriarchal idea that gender is binary and, within that, you have to comply with set or 'normal' roles. I'm very much against that." Gender is binary and people should comply with their normal gender roles. If you're female, then you have the babies. There's no other way around that. Women are the main source of reproduction on Earth and the preservation of human life. Men are needed for a really amazing, best you ever had 30 seconds to inject women with the life forming and egg splitting sperm. Then women do the rest of the work for the next 9 months and sometimes the next 18 years.

Even if that is called "normal" then so be it. It's the only way reproduction is possible. If every millennial sterilized themselves before having children, then we'd be a humanless planet in about 70 years. There would be no one else on Earth after the childless millennials perish into the dust of the planet and wither away forever in their blue hair dye.

Will the millennials end the childless trend or sterilize themselves so much that the human population drops 50 years from now?

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